Safe and Fun Summer Activities For Seniors At Maranatha Village

The community of Maranatha Village is a communal investment. We love to witness our senior community members enjoying the years after retirement by engaging in their favorite activities throughout the seasons. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss some safe and fun summer activities for seniors to engage in. 

Meet-Ups At Our Game Hall

Everybody loves a little bit of competition, and believe it or not, and it’s good for the brain to engage in it. This is why our staff works hard to provide fun opportunities for our community members to engage in social activities with a bit of competition involved. 

We offer table tennis and pool in our game hall for our senior community members to enjoy. Getting a group together to play a few rounds of each with snacks or drinks is the perfect way to laugh away the afternoon. Our game hall is also perfect for entertaining or engaging with family members visiting for the day. Inviting the grandkids over for a bit of spirited fun is an ideal way to get those endorphins flowing. 

Visits To Our Salon

We all love to refresh with a new look as the seasons change. Our salon offers this opportunity for self-care. Snipping away dry, dead ends from winter and maybe trying a fresh color is sure to make every summer day a little bit brighter. Before your next book club meeting or day by the lake, please come by and let us pamper you.

A Day At The Lake 

Speaking of the lake, ours is stocked full of fish waiting to be caught and become the catch of the day. A relaxing afternoon of fishing with friends is a perfect way to soak in some Vitamin D and stimulate the mind. 

For those that aren’t fans of fishing, a lake is still a beautiful place to bring a blanket and a book or to have lunch with friends. Relax and enjoy the afternoon as the heat of the day begins to subside and the cool of dusk begins to approach.

Maranatha Village: A Community That Cares 

Maranatha is a community dedicated to providing fun, safe, and stimulating connections for seniors. Spend your time in meaningful ways with beautiful sites to partner with your experience. Enjoy special events hosted by our very own volunteers, including game nights, arts and crafts, and so much more. To learn more about our independent-living benefits, contact us or call (417)-883-0016. At Maranatha Village, we are here for you.

The Story Behind Our Swans at Maranatha Village

Nature is some of life’s greatest medicines. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of communing with nature at Maranatha Village. This is why we focus on bringing in so many different flora and fauna to our park. In today’s blog, our experts on elder care will discuss two significant fauna to the elders of Maranatha Village and the importance of interacting with nature.

What Animals Exist At Maranatha Village?

Caring for other beings, introducing routine, and allowing the soul to become at peace with nature is what makes up our community surrounding our animals at Maranatha Village. We have so many animals at this point that our 100- acre campus is not dissimilar to a nature reserve. 

Our goal is to promote peace and relaxation. We create peaceful areas in many ways. Our lake is stocked with fish for our residents to attempt to catch, ‘The Big One.’ We also have deer, fawns, turkeys, geese, and our registered swans Kate and Kyle. 

Registered Swans?

Not just anyone can have swans on their campus. Maranatha Village has taken great care to protect our Trumpeter Swans as the state protects them. In the state of Missouri, any person who shoots a Trumpeter Swan is facing jail time. 

Our two swans are assigned a caregiver every few months. Someone in the community is allowed to assume responsibility for them. This will enable residents to build a rapport with these animals, feeling a sense of responsibility in their care. This is eustress for what could become a stagnant elder mind. 

Interaction With Nature

We believe that it is essential for residents to interact with nature at Maranatha Village. The beautiful views partnered with caring for other living beings provide the resident with a sense of purpose and peace from that purpose. 

Taking walks with family and friends in the sun helps our elder residents feel more joyful and involved in their daily lives. The sun aids them in fighting depression, while the exercise keeps their muscles strong. 

Maranatha Village On Community In Nature

Our community here at Maranatha Village is staged within a natural environment. This allows our senior residents to feel at peace and at home in their retirement environment. If you are interested in learning more about the wildlife we have on-site or the process behind gaining two registered swans, please reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you. Contact us online, or stop by our office.

Regular Activities We Cherish Here at Maranatha Village

What is more pleasurable than fun under the sun? We’ll tell you! Fun with Friends. Maranatha offers many activities suitable for any resident’s style or personal preference. Do you like singing? What about making creative crafts? No matter what you enjoy, there’s something here for everyone. In today’s blog by Maranatha Village, we present our most memorable and fun-filled activities guaranteed to make you smile and fill your days with purpose. 

Enjoying Our Wildlife

Maranatha Village is known for the wildlife that wander through our community. We pride ourselves on having what feels like a mini nature preserve. For this reason we encourage our locals to engage with nature by enjoying the grace and beauty of the animals they see day-to-day. Sitting by our lake and watching the fish jump, or swans swim is the perfect way to end an afternoon. Starting your day early with a cup of coffee as you watch deer wander through your yard is a mindful way to begin the day. There is never a dull moment when it comes to our natural wildlife on site.

Singing in the Choir

Bring those pipes to life and sing under the grace of God in our community choir. Singing in the chorus is a perfect place for those who delight in rejoicing in Gospel music or just belting a fun tune now and then. Showcase your talents during chapel or experience the fulfilling sensations of song and praise. Our choir members participate in annual events like caroling during the holidays. If this is something that interests you, stop by the Maranatha Village front office for more information. 

The Maranatha Mall Shop

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and the same goes for the weekly yard sale at the Maranatha Mall Shop, your neighbor’s closet fashions, antiques, or vintage vinyl sets. Participate in trades or give away some of that old corner clutter. Maybe you collect rare items like baseball cards or enjoy restoring old tarnished jewelry? Whatever you want, there is something to find at the Maranatha Village weekly yard sale. 

Make Maranatha Village Your Brand New Home

At Maranatha Village, we offer many opportunities to serve and be a part of a blossoming community. We have volunteers that frequently host our regular activities and create their events as well. Some of Maranatha Village’s best features include independent living with nurses available 24/7, our hair salons for grooming and pampering, and a bountiful nature trail where you are sure to see wildlife like geese, deer, and turkeys. To learn more about what we have to offer, please contact us or call (417)-883-0016.


Spring is in the air; it’s Easter weekend; and Maranatha Village Chapel is reopening following months of lockdown due to COVID-19. This is big news! Once again worship services are available for Independent Living Residents and friends.

Residents are singing with the Psalmist David, “I rejoiced with those who said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord .’”


Maranatha Village library is a treasure available to all residents. Located in the Northwood Apartment building, it houses several thousand books, over 300 DVDs, dozens of jigsaw puzzles, photocopies at five cents a page, and hand-made greeting cards.

The library is open daily on a self-service basis. Residents discover the treasure and are enriched!

Our library is just one of the many reasons why we’re not a nursing home, we’re much better! Contact us or visit to find out why our residents love it here.