Safe and Fun Summer Activities For Seniors At Maranatha Village

The community of Maranatha Village is a communal investment. We love to witness our senior community members enjoying the years after retirement by engaging in their favorite activities throughout the seasons. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss some safe and fun summer activities for seniors to engage in. 

Meet-Ups At Our Game Hall

Everybody loves a little bit of competition, and believe it or not, and it’s good for the brain to engage in it. This is why our staff works hard to provide fun opportunities for our community members to engage in social activities with a bit of competition involved. 

We offer table tennis and pool in our game hall for our senior community members to enjoy. Getting a group together to play a few rounds of each with snacks or drinks is the perfect way to laugh away the afternoon. Our game hall is also perfect for entertaining or engaging with family members visiting for the day. Inviting the grandkids over for a bit of spirited fun is an ideal way to get those endorphins flowing. 

Visits To Our Salon

We all love to refresh with a new look as the seasons change. Our salon offers this opportunity for self-care. Snipping away dry, dead ends from winter and maybe trying a fresh color is sure to make every summer day a little bit brighter. Before your next book club meeting or day by the lake, please come by and let us pamper you.

A Day At The Lake 

Speaking of the lake, ours is stocked full of fish waiting to be caught and become the catch of the day. A relaxing afternoon of fishing with friends is a perfect way to soak in some Vitamin D and stimulate the mind. 

For those that aren’t fans of fishing, a lake is still a beautiful place to bring a blanket and a book or to have lunch with friends. Relax and enjoy the afternoon as the heat of the day begins to subside and the cool of dusk begins to approach.

Maranatha Village: A Community That Cares 

Maranatha is a community dedicated to providing fun, safe, and stimulating connections for seniors. Spend your time in meaningful ways with beautiful sites to partner with your experience. Enjoy special events hosted by our very own volunteers, including game nights, arts and crafts, and so much more. To learn more about our independent-living benefits, contact us or call (417)-883-0016. At Maranatha Village, we are here for you.

The Story Behind Our Swans at Maranatha Village

Nature is some of life’s greatest medicines. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of communing with nature at Maranatha Village. This is why we focus on bringing in so many different flora and fauna to our park. In today’s blog, our experts on elder care will discuss two significant fauna to the elders of Maranatha Village and the importance of interacting with nature.

What Animals Exist At Maranatha Village?

Caring for other beings, introducing routine, and allowing the soul to become at peace with nature is what makes up our community surrounding our animals at Maranatha Village. We have so many animals at this point that our 100- acre campus is not dissimilar to a nature reserve. 

Our goal is to promote peace and relaxation. We create peaceful areas in many ways. Our lake is stocked with fish for our residents to attempt to catch, ‘The Big One.’ We also have deer, fawns, turkeys, geese, and our registered swans Kate and Kyle. 

Registered Swans?

Not just anyone can have swans on their campus. Maranatha Village has taken great care to protect our Trumpeter Swans as the state protects them. In the state of Missouri, any person who shoots a Trumpeter Swan is facing jail time. 

Our two swans are assigned a caregiver every few months. Someone in the community is allowed to assume responsibility for them. This will enable residents to build a rapport with these animals, feeling a sense of responsibility in their care. This is eustress for what could become a stagnant elder mind. 

Interaction With Nature

We believe that it is essential for residents to interact with nature at Maranatha Village. The beautiful views partnered with caring for other living beings provide the resident with a sense of purpose and peace from that purpose. 

Taking walks with family and friends in the sun helps our elder residents feel more joyful and involved in their daily lives. The sun aids them in fighting depression, while the exercise keeps their muscles strong. 

Maranatha Village On Community In Nature

Our community here at Maranatha Village is staged within a natural environment. This allows our senior residents to feel at peace and at home in their retirement environment. If you are interested in learning more about the wildlife we have on-site or the process behind gaining two registered swans, please reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you. Contact us online, or stop by our office.

Regular Activities We Cherish Here at Maranatha Village

What is more pleasurable than fun under the sun? We’ll tell you! Fun with Friends. Maranatha offers many activities suitable for any resident’s style or personal preference. Do you like singing? What about making creative crafts? No matter what you enjoy, there’s something here for everyone. In today’s blog by Maranatha Village, we present our most memorable and fun-filled activities guaranteed to make you smile and fill your days with purpose. 

Enjoying Our Wildlife

Maranatha Village is known for the wildlife that wander through our community. We pride ourselves on having what feels like a mini nature preserve. For this reason we encourage our locals to engage with nature by enjoying the grace and beauty of the animals they see day-to-day. Sitting by our lake and watching the fish jump, or swans swim is the perfect way to end an afternoon. Starting your day early with a cup of coffee as you watch deer wander through your yard is a mindful way to begin the day. There is never a dull moment when it comes to our natural wildlife on site.

Singing in the Choir

Bring those pipes to life and sing under the grace of God in our community choir. Singing in the chorus is a perfect place for those who delight in rejoicing in Gospel music or just belting a fun tune now and then. Showcase your talents during chapel or experience the fulfilling sensations of song and praise. Our choir members participate in annual events like caroling during the holidays. If this is something that interests you, stop by the Maranatha Village front office for more information. 

The Maranatha Mall Shop

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and the same goes for the weekly yard sale at the Maranatha Mall Shop, your neighbor’s closet fashions, antiques, or vintage vinyl sets. Participate in trades or give away some of that old corner clutter. Maybe you collect rare items like baseball cards or enjoy restoring old tarnished jewelry? Whatever you want, there is something to find at the Maranatha Village weekly yard sale. 

Make Maranatha Village Your Brand New Home

At Maranatha Village, we offer many opportunities to serve and be a part of a blossoming community. We have volunteers that frequently host our regular activities and create their events as well. Some of Maranatha Village’s best features include independent living with nurses available 24/7, our hair salons for grooming and pampering, and a bountiful nature trail where you are sure to see wildlife like geese, deer, and turkeys. To learn more about what we have to offer, please contact us or call (417)-883-0016.

Why Walking Around Our Lake at Maranatha Village Nourishes Your Soul

At Maranatha Village, we are a diverse community that cares. Enjoy the convenience of our on-site services and natural aesthetics like our gorgeous lake. In today’s blog by Maranatha Village, learn about how walking around our lake benefits you and your spirit. 

A Sense of Belonging

Assisted living communities are more than residential homes; in fact, Maranatha Village is ten times greater than that. Many of our residents in the Village have lived in their homes for many years. Walking around the lake compliments that feeling of home, and sense of safe communal belonging. It nourishes the soul to stroll the lakeside, taking in gorgeous calming views, gentle wildlife, and welcoming waves from all your favorite neighbors. If you have not taken a walk around the lake in a while, grab a buddy or go solo. Nourish your body, mind, and spirit at the lakeside today.  

Release Stress and Anxiety

Exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Walking is not only an excellent form of fitness due to its low-intensity benefits and sustainability, but It also provides stress relief. Walking has a direct correlation to stress reduction and elevated happiness. Those exercise benefits coupled with a promenade around the Maranatha Village Lake, and you’ve hit the low stress, soul-nourishing jackpot. Walking pumps up your endorphins, heightening those feel-good effects on the brain. Don’t wait another minute more to head to the lake to relieve stress and relax your mind.

Living in the moment

We’ve all heard the term before; “there’s no time like the present.” Live in the moment and take in the clean air and cool breeze surrounding your senses. The time is now to finally enjoy the little things and focus on what makes you happy. Walking around the lake with a friend is a great way to “live in the now.” Nurture your soul at the Maranatha Village Lakeside and appreciate the company of a kind-hearted community.

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Maranatha Village: A Community That Cares 

Maranatha is the only residential community that caters to a meaningful life of purpose under the semblance of God. Say goodbye to the burdens of tedious repairs and useless amenities; we got it all covered for you. Enjoy special events hosted by our very own residential volunteers, including game nights, arts and crafts, and so much more. To learn more about our independent-living benefits, contact us or call (417)-883-0016. At Maranatha Village, we are here for you. 

Healthy Foods to Eat for Better Memory Retention by Maranatha Village

Did you know that there are foods you can eat to improve your memory retention? Now, this isn’t to say that you can stock up on certain snacks before a final exam to ensure your studying is effective. This is for those who find themselves at the age where the memory may start to decline. Just as there are foods that aid your eyesight or energy levels, there are foods that can help your memory stay strong for longer. 

Maranatha Village explains in today’s blog.

Nutrients for Memory

While foods for the body are high in proteins or vitamins, foods for the mind are high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. These food groups provide the necessary energy for the mind without the need for stimulants like caffeine or sugar. The ideal brain food produces hormones that make an individual feel alert and have more ease focusing. So what foods specifically should we be adding to our grocery cart if we’re looking to support our memory?


First, reach for the beets. Before you scroll on past, listen to the benefits. Beets are stocked full of antioxidants and nitrates, which mean they can not only prevent cancer, but they promote blood flow to the brain. The brain is an organ just like any other, which means it requires oxygen to function. Foods that stimulate blood flow to the brain will improve memory and other brain functions. 


Next, seek out ways to add avocado to your diet. This is where healthy fats come in. Healthy fats, or monounsaturated fats, are what helps keep blood sugar at a healthy level. Avocados are stocked full of folate and vitamin K, which aids in cognitive brain functions such as memory.


While you’re in the vegetable aisle, add broccoli to your cart. Broccoli is high in fiber and Vitamin C, which helps the stomach signal the brain that it’s full. By preventing overeating, the body and mind are able to feel satiated and energetic rather than sluggish and stuffed. 

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Dark Chocolate

Now to take a break from the vegetables, treat yourself with some dark chocolate. Yes, you read that correctly! Dark chocolate has extreme anti-inflammatory properties as well as a high stock of antioxidants. This means that blood flow to the brain is enhanced, which improves memory and overall brain function. 

To be sure you’re getting maximum benefits, opt for chocolates that are made from at least 70% cocoa. While we all have a sweet tooth, it’s important to be selective when choosing your chocolate. Other varieties can have high amounts of refined sugar and highly processed ingredients, which eliminate the benefits you can reap. So next time you’re craving something sweet after dinner, reach for the dark chocolate in good conscience, knowing that you’re benefiting your brain.

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Have questions? Contact Maranatha Village or call (417) 883-0016.

Why a Spiritual Community Is Vital to Aging and Healing by Maranatha Village

It’s no secret that aging can come with a few learning curves. Here at Maranatha Village, we encourage the overall health of our residents. This involves physical, mental, and spiritual health. We find that individuals who care for each aspect of their health have an easier transition to the next stage of life, as well as tend to experience more rapid healing from any illnesses or injuries.

Sense of Fellowship

There are clear ways to exercise the mind and body, but how does one go about growing their spiritual health? We emphasize the importance of community in this aspect. While most residents have had communities of faith throughout their lives, we find it especially helpful in the later years. A spiritual community not only provides fellowship to the individual, but keeps a common focus on a shared goal. 

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Supporting Your Growth

There are several reasons that a spiritual community is more beneficial than any kind of individual practice. One being accountability. We find that when residents engage in religious or spiritual practices in a group, they are more likely to adhere to a routine and maintain their habits. This supports the growth of each individual in their own spiritual journey, which means everyone in the community reaps the benefit. 

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You Are Never Alone

Additionally, it’s been shown in many studies that loneliness can cause more rapid decline of mental and physical health. Our emphasis on spiritual community is more than just an attempt to help individuals garner a stronger connection to their faith. By encouraging community bonding inside Maranatha Village, we find that the overall health of our residents has improved significantly. 

We especially find in cases of healing from illnesses and ailments, individuals with a strong spiritual community supporting them tend to heal more rapidly. Not only do they have emotional support during their healing process, but they have a return to their spiritual community waiting for them when they recover. 

Maranatha Village Is Your Community

This is not new science, as it’s been shown in study after study that having a sense of family or community can significantly improve the health of an individual. We at Maranatha Village are simply here to promote what is in the best interest of those who live here. As we’ve said time and time again, health is all-encompassing. The mind, body, and spirit are all deserving of attention and care.

How Reading Books Keeps Your Brain Sharp as You Age by Maranatha Village

We’ve all been through varying phases of love/hate with reading. Growing up and being incentivized to read in school to potentially growing up to enjoy reading for pleasure. Some of us find reading to be an escape, while others don’t want to fill their free time with that particular hobby. Whatever your feelings about reading, there are significant benefits that are proven to come from reading. 

Here at Maranatha Village, a retirement community in Springfield, we focus on the overall well-being of our residents. When transitioning to different phases of life, it’s especially important to care for your brain. While there are many ways to do this, reading has been proven to be both enjoyable and beneficial. 

Preventing Cognitive Decline

Studies have shown that those who participate in activities that stimulate the brain do not experience cognitive decline at the same rate of those who do not. This means that activities like reading actually strengthen your mind and lessen the odds of experiencing things like memory loss or confusion. In fact, the study shows that those who read regularly have up to 32% lower rate of cognitive decline compared to those with average mental activity.

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Processing Information

When we read, our brain takes an active role in processing the information. Unlike watching television or movies, where the scene is presented to us, readers have to construct this piece for themselves. Engaging the mind in imagination and narrative production is what makes reading so beneficial. Reading forces the brain to consider circumstances or situations that may not occur in everyday life, which is a form of exercise for the mind. 

Increases Vocabulary

Not only does reading expand the horizons of the imagination, it has many other practical benefits. Regular reading increases your vocabulary and the ability to empathize with others, especially in unorthodox situations that may not occur in regular life. Recalling details about the content of the book throughout its duration helps exercise the memory of the reader. All of this helps to engage and exercise the brain, helping to maintain its function as we age.

Maranatha Village Is Here for You

There are many proven and attested benefits of reading, which is why we encourage our residents to find a book and enjoy the beautiful grounds of Maranatha Village.

What to Do When Severe Weather Hits Maranatha Village

Disaster preparedness in assisted living and independent living communities is highly important. Without effective plans in place, our residents may face dangerous circumstances during extreme weather. Our team of experts here at Maranatha Village will cover what to do when extreme weather hits. 

Get a Kit

Having a disaster kit is going to be the best way to survive an unexpected tornado, or flood if your home is affected. 

Store your disaster kit in a duffle bag or backpack that has wheels on it. Label the bag and anything else you’ll need (wheelchairs, canes, or walkers) with your name, address, and phone number should you become separated from your items.. 

Include enough supplies to last for three days. These items include dried, or canned non-perishable food items, batteries, a first aid kit, and your current daily medications. To see a full checklist, click here, Keep in mind that your kit needs to be updated regularly-a minimum of every 6 months. 

Another thing to remember is that these preparedness kits are for worst-case scenarios.

Make a Plan

Planning ahead, and talking through your plan with family and friends, is highly important when it comes to disaster planning. Create a family communications plan. This includes carrying a family contact card in your wallet in case of emergency, and establishing an out-of-town contact person. Oftentimes after a disaster it is easier to make long distance calls than local ones, especially if power is out.

Talk to resident services at Maranatha Village about what plans we have in place. We will go through and check on each resident in the event of a severe weather diaster, presuming our staff is able to do that. Knowing what we will do in the event of an emergency will help you plan as well. Consider going through an emergency drill once every spring before severe weather hits the Ozarks.

Be Informed

Stay informed of weather alerts in your area. 

Ways to stay connected include:

  • Understanding weather alerts and what they mean.
  • Maintaining an NOAA Weather Radio/All Hazard Radio
  • Contacting the front office of Maranatha Village.
  • Knowing where to take shelter.
  • Weather apps on your phone to know when severe weather is heading your way.

It is so important to make sure you are staying informed on the preventative measures to take to protect yourself from severe weather. 


Maranatha Village’s Disaster Plans

If you are a concerned family member, senior, or family member, and you would like more information on how to create your own disaster preparedness plan, please contact us or call (417)-883-0016. Resident Services is always here for you!


Spring is in the air; it’s Easter weekend; and Maranatha Village Chapel is reopening following months of lockdown due to COVID-19. This is big news! Once again worship services are available for Independent Living Residents and friends.

Residents are singing with the Psalmist David, “I rejoiced with those who said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord .’”


Maranatha Village library is a treasure available to all residents. Located in the Northwood Apartment building, it houses several thousand books, over 300 DVDs, dozens of jigsaw puzzles, photocopies at five cents a page, and hand-made greeting cards.

The library is open daily on a self-service basis. Residents discover the treasure and are enriched!

Our library is just one of the many reasons why we’re not a nursing home, we’re much better! Contact us or visit to find out why our residents love it here.