Job said, “I made the widow’s heart sing” (Job 29:13). Maranatha Village (MV) residents, Charles and Sandy Askew, sponsor a bi-monthly Tea for all MV resident widows. A beautiful setting, tea and special treats, inspirational singing, and a guest speaker lifts the widow’s spirit.

Honoring the widow is biblical, and a boost to each widow. The gathering truly puts a song in their heart!


The West Haven Terrace block in Maranatha Village, Springfield, Missouri consists of 11 housing units. The block residents are great friends, and


The first day of summer found residents of Maranatha Village, Springfield, Missouri, enjoying the annual fish fry hosted by the Village administrative


Charles and Sandy Askew, Maranatha Village (MV) residents for nine years, hosted the Meeks Family Reunion at the MV Community Center. Nine

Offering Seniors Security and a Home

“Dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture” Psalm 37:3

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