The Story Behind Our Swans at Maranatha Village

Nature is some of life’s greatest medicines. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of communing with nature at Maranatha Village. This is why we focus on bringing in so many different flora and fauna to our park. In today’s blog, our experts on elder care will discuss two significant fauna to the elders of Maranatha Village and the importance of interacting with nature.

What Animals Exist At Maranatha Village?

Caring for other beings, introducing routine, and allowing the soul to become at peace with nature is what makes up our community surrounding our animals at Maranatha Village. We have so many animals at this point that our 100- acre campus is not dissimilar to a nature reserve. 

Our goal is to promote peace and relaxation. We create peaceful areas in many ways. Our lake is stocked with fish for our residents to attempt to catch, ‘The Big One.’ We also have deer, fawns, turkeys, geese, and our registered swans Kate and Kyle. 

Registered Swans?

Not just anyone can have swans on their campus. Maranatha Village has taken great care to protect our Trumpeter Swans as the state protects them. In the state of Missouri, any person who shoots a Trumpeter Swan is facing jail time. 

Our two swans are assigned a caregiver every few months. Someone in the community is allowed to assume responsibility for them. This will enable residents to build a rapport with these animals, feeling a sense of responsibility in their care. This is eustress for what could become a stagnant elder mind. 

Interaction With Nature

We believe that it is essential for residents to interact with nature at Maranatha Village. The beautiful views partnered with caring for other living beings provide the resident with a sense of purpose and peace from that purpose. 

Taking walks with family and friends in the sun helps our elder residents feel more joyful and involved in their daily lives. The sun aids them in fighting depression, while the exercise keeps their muscles strong. 

Maranatha Village On Community In Nature

Our community here at Maranatha Village is staged within a natural environment. This allows our senior residents to feel at peace and at home in their retirement environment. If you are interested in learning more about the wildlife we have on-site or the process behind gaining two registered swans, please reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you. Contact us online, or stop by our office.

Why Walking Around Our Lake at Maranatha Village Nourishes Your Soul

At Maranatha Village, we are a diverse community that cares. Enjoy the convenience of our on-site services and natural aesthetics like our gorgeous lake. In today’s blog by Maranatha Village, learn about how walking around our lake benefits you and your spirit. 

A Sense of Belonging

Assisted living communities are more than residential homes; in fact, Maranatha Village is ten times greater than that. Many of our residents in the Village have lived in their homes for many years. Walking around the lake compliments that feeling of home, and sense of safe communal belonging. It nourishes the soul to stroll the lakeside, taking in gorgeous calming views, gentle wildlife, and welcoming waves from all your favorite neighbors. If you have not taken a walk around the lake in a while, grab a buddy or go solo. Nourish your body, mind, and spirit at the lakeside today.  

Release Stress and Anxiety

Exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Walking is not only an excellent form of fitness due to its low-intensity benefits and sustainability, but It also provides stress relief. Walking has a direct correlation to stress reduction and elevated happiness. Those exercise benefits coupled with a promenade around the Maranatha Village Lake, and you’ve hit the low stress, soul-nourishing jackpot. Walking pumps up your endorphins, heightening those feel-good effects on the brain. Don’t wait another minute more to head to the lake to relieve stress and relax your mind.

Living in the moment

We’ve all heard the term before; “there’s no time like the present.” Live in the moment and take in the clean air and cool breeze surrounding your senses. The time is now to finally enjoy the little things and focus on what makes you happy. Walking around the lake with a friend is a great way to “live in the now.” Nurture your soul at the Maranatha Village Lakeside and appreciate the company of a kind-hearted community.

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Maranatha Village: A Community That Cares 

Maranatha is the only residential community that caters to a meaningful life of purpose under the semblance of God. Say goodbye to the burdens of tedious repairs and useless amenities; we got it all covered for you. Enjoy special events hosted by our very own residential volunteers, including game nights, arts and crafts, and so much more. To learn more about our independent-living benefits, contact us or call (417)-883-0016. At Maranatha Village, we are here for you.