3 Important Dimensions of Self-Care for Seniors in Retirement Communities

Self-care is a popular buzzword, but what does it mean? Images of bubble baths, pedicures, and shopping may come to mind. Still, self-care is so much more than occasionally treating yourself–it’s about caring for your overall wellbeing every day. 

Self-care is crucial for seniors–who may experience age-related health issues, the death of a spouse or peers, or separation from their family. 

In this blog post, Maranatha Village of Springfield, MO, explores three essential dimensions of self-care for seniors living in retirement communities. 

Physical Self-Care

With age comes an inevitable susceptibility to health issues–but there are a lot of seniors can do to care for their physical health. 

The CDC recommends at least 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise for seniors aged 65 or older without any limiting health conditions. Because self-care is about both mental and physical wellbeing, seniors should engage in activities they enjoy. 

Seniors can walk, do yoga or tai chi, swim, or do water aerobics or Zumba! Here at Maranatha Village in Springfield, MO, our residents enjoy taking walks around our lake, taking in the scenery and wildlife. 

Emotional Self-Care

Emotional and psychological self-care is just as important as physical self-care, and the two go hand-in-hand. According to the CDC:

“Older adults are at increased risk for loneliness and social isolation because they are more likely to face factors such as living alone, the loss of family or friends, chronic illness, and hearing loss.”

Seniors can care for their emotional wellbeing by learning to recognize when they’re feeling depressed, lonely or anxious, and doing what makes them feel comforted and supported. Emotional self-care options may include calling or visiting a loved one, turning to friends in their retirement community for support, or solitary actions, including going for walks in nature or reading a fascinating book. 

Spiritual Self-Care

Spirituality is an important part of life for many people, and they can incorporate it into a self-care routine to increase wellbeing. Studies show that a sense of purpose and meaning may improve mental health, and seniors can find this in spiritual practice. 

The retirement community at Maranatha Village has an on-site chapel, regular church services and bible studies, opportunities to sing in the choir, and faith-based volunteer opportunities. 

Retirement Community at Maranatha Village

At Maranatha Village, we want to ensure your golden years are spent feeling safe, stress-free, and socially connected. To learn more about what we have to offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or call (417)-883-0016.

Regular Activities We Cherish Here at Maranatha Village

What is more pleasurable than fun under the sun? We’ll tell you! Fun with Friends. Maranatha offers many activities suitable for any resident’s style or personal preference. Do you like singing? What about making creative crafts? No matter what you enjoy, there’s something here for everyone. In today’s blog by Maranatha Village, we present our most memorable and fun-filled activities guaranteed to make you smile and fill your days with purpose. 

Enjoying Our Wildlife

Maranatha Village is known for the wildlife that wander through our community. We pride ourselves on having what feels like a mini nature preserve. For this reason we encourage our locals to engage with nature by enjoying the grace and beauty of the animals they see day-to-day. Sitting by our lake and watching the fish jump, or swans swim is the perfect way to end an afternoon. Starting your day early with a cup of coffee as you watch deer wander through your yard is a mindful way to begin the day. There is never a dull moment when it comes to our natural wildlife on site.

Singing in the Choir

Bring those pipes to life and sing under the grace of God in our community choir. Singing in the chorus is a perfect place for those who delight in rejoicing in Gospel music or just belting a fun tune now and then. Showcase your talents during chapel or experience the fulfilling sensations of song and praise. Our choir members participate in annual events like caroling during the holidays. If this is something that interests you, stop by the Maranatha Village front office for more information. 

The Maranatha Mall Shop

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and the same goes for the weekly yard sale at the Maranatha Mall Shop, your neighbor’s closet fashions, antiques, or vintage vinyl sets. Participate in trades or give away some of that old corner clutter. Maybe you collect rare items like baseball cards or enjoy restoring old tarnished jewelry? Whatever you want, there is something to find at the Maranatha Village weekly yard sale. 

Make Maranatha Village Your Brand New Home

At Maranatha Village, we offer many opportunities to serve and be a part of a blossoming community. We have volunteers that frequently host our regular activities and create their events as well. Some of Maranatha Village’s best features include independent living with nurses available 24/7, our hair salons for grooming and pampering, and a bountiful nature trail where you are sure to see wildlife like geese, deer, and turkeys. To learn more about what we have to offer, please contact us or call (417)-883-0016.

Why Walking Around Our Lake at Maranatha Village Nourishes Your Soul

At Maranatha Village, we are a diverse community that cares. Enjoy the convenience of our on-site services and natural aesthetics like our gorgeous lake. In today’s blog by Maranatha Village, learn about how walking around our lake benefits you and your spirit. 

A Sense of Belonging

Assisted living communities are more than residential homes; in fact, Maranatha Village is ten times greater than that. Many of our residents in the Village have lived in their homes for many years. Walking around the lake compliments that feeling of home, and sense of safe communal belonging. It nourishes the soul to stroll the lakeside, taking in gorgeous calming views, gentle wildlife, and welcoming waves from all your favorite neighbors. If you have not taken a walk around the lake in a while, grab a buddy or go solo. Nourish your body, mind, and spirit at the lakeside today.  

Release Stress and Anxiety

Exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Walking is not only an excellent form of fitness due to its low-intensity benefits and sustainability, but It also provides stress relief. Walking has a direct correlation to stress reduction and elevated happiness. Those exercise benefits coupled with a promenade around the Maranatha Village Lake, and you’ve hit the low stress, soul-nourishing jackpot. Walking pumps up your endorphins, heightening those feel-good effects on the brain. Don’t wait another minute more to head to the lake to relieve stress and relax your mind.

Living in the moment

We’ve all heard the term before; “there’s no time like the present.” Live in the moment and take in the clean air and cool breeze surrounding your senses. The time is now to finally enjoy the little things and focus on what makes you happy. Walking around the lake with a friend is a great way to “live in the now.” Nurture your soul at the Maranatha Village Lakeside and appreciate the company of a kind-hearted community.

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Maranatha Village: A Community That Cares 

Maranatha is the only residential community that caters to a meaningful life of purpose under the semblance of God. Say goodbye to the burdens of tedious repairs and useless amenities; we got it all covered for you. Enjoy special events hosted by our very own residential volunteers, including game nights, arts and crafts, and so much more. To learn more about our independent-living benefits, contact us or call (417)-883-0016. At Maranatha Village, we are here for you.