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Frequently Asked Questions

Independent living affords active seniors the benefits of living at home without the worry of home maintenance, housekeeping chores, and cooking. Residents enjoy educational, cultural, spiritual, social, and fitness opportunities through the community’s programming.

With our full continuum of care, Maranatha Village can provide the right care for you as your needs change. As a Village resident, you’ll receive priority consideration for available services whenever you need them.

What is the difference between an assisted living facility and a nursing home?

An assisted living facility is a residential program for individuals who need help with daily activities, such as personal care, mobility, medications, meal preparation, or household chores, but who do not require skilled nursing care. Assisted living programs strive to create a home-like setting that promotes independence.

Nursing homes are designed for people who need daily nursing care. These facilities have nursing staff available 24 hours a day, and have a range of services (social work, occupational and physical therapy, etc.) to meet the residents’ health care needs.

Who Pays for Long-Term Care?


  • Does pay for the largest share of long-term care services, but to qualify, your income must be below a certain level and you must meet minimum state eligibility requirements Such requirements are based on the amount of assistance you need with ADL
  • Other federal programs such as the Older Americans Act and the Department of Veterans Affairs pay for long-term care services, but only for specific populations and in certain circumstances

Private Pay:

  • Also known as paying “out-of-pocket,” private pay means to pay for services with your own resources. Personal funds may be used to cover all or a portion of the expenses accrued and can be used in addition to insurance or financial assistance programs.
  • There are an increasing number of private payment options including long-term care insurance, reverse mortgages, life insurance options, and/or annuities

Is there anything I need to do to at the hospital before I start rehab at Premier Rehabilitation?

Talk with your hospital physician, surgeon, and care team. If they believe a rehab referral is appropriate for you, they’ll assign a case manager, social worker, or other discharge planner to you. This person will meet with you to discuss the next steps and make arrangements for admission to our facility. One of the liaisons from Premier Rehabilitation will then work with you and be your first connection with Premier Rehab at Maranatha Village.

Who Pays for Premier Rehab?

Inpatient care for a maximum of 100 days, however, the average Medicare covered stay is much shorter (22 days).

Medicare Advantage Plans or Health Insurance:
Most Medicare Advantage plans, employer-sponsored insurance, and private health insurance cover the same kinds of limited services as Medicare.

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