Independent Living

Maintain control of one’s lifestyle.



Today’s society is very mobile with people relocating on a rather regular basis. Choosing a house in the right location with a good neighborhood is a shared experience by seniors. The decision will determine one’s comfort and care in their most senior years.

Making the transition is major. Internet research, a friend’s recommendation, an on-site visit, and prayer are key components enabling one to make a wise decision. Then, when the contract is signed, the move is manageable. Check out the options. The choice is yours!  


A move to Maranatha Village is a move toward a new normal. New living quarters, new neighbors, and a new lifestyle are part of the adventure as one settles-in to God’s provision for them.

The welcome mat is out, for everyone has walked through a similar experience. The loving kindness and receptivity of neighbors is overwhelming. New becomes normal and within a short period of time becomes “home.”

Spirit Filled Living

Two full-time chaplains run beautiful church services every Wednesday and Sunday. Our facilities are perfect for getting to know your neighbors, developing relationships, and enjoying life in your golden years. Maranatha Village takes care of the details of property maintenance so you can take care of your happiness during this season of life.

Just Right

Seniors look for the perfect fit. A living situation that is “Just Right.” In order to enjoy the years ahead, their new home needs to be the right size, the right amenities, and the right price.

Maranatha Village offers a wide range of possibilities, one which will be “Just Right” for you. Please peruse the attached PDF filled with information about one’s options. Research, reflect, discuss with your family, and pray for God’s guidance.

It is an important decision and will be “Just Right” for you.

support available

Nurse, maintenance, security on call 24/7.

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