Diana Spranger is a gifted lady. She has invested her professional life in Health Care, primarily in administrative roles. Maranatha Village CEO Brian Miller extended an invitation to serve as his Administrative Assistant. Prayerfully considering the opportunity, she was convinced that this was God’s plan for her.

Spranger’s desire and commitment are seen in her statement, “As long as my mind is alert and my body is functional, I want to help wherever needed.”



A Maranatha Village Widow’s Tea is hosted by Sandy and Charles Askew and their team once a quarter. It is a wonderful event featuring a home-cooked meal, beautiful decorations and an opportunity for good fellowship. The widows love it!

Preparation begins several days in advance of the gathering. Married ladies gather at Sandy’s house to prepare, working hard and having a lot of fun doing it. It is truly a win-win event!

Special Guests

The Assemblies of God Senior Adult Ministries department sponsored a Seniors Conference in Branson, Missouri September 8 -10, 2022. Several hundred attended, and some came in early in order to visit Maranatha Village and other Assemblies of God ministries in Springfield, Missouri.

Maranatha Village hosted a luncheon for several interested in senior living. It was a grand occasion!

CEO Brian Miller welcomes guest from across the nation


New Truck! New Trailer! New Tractor! Truly God’s gift to Maranatha Village.

The new equipment will enable the maintenance crew to maintain a standard of excellence across Maranatha Village’s 100-acre campus. Thank God for His wonderful provision!

David Jones and Paul Randolph: Proud of the new wheels.
Good workers and good equipment guarantee good results.


The Maranatha Village maintenance crew enjoy their lunch hour. They bring their lunches, and can walk across the street to the Long-Term-Care facility for free ice cream. The fellowship is good, and they return refreshed to their care of the facilities and grounds spread across 100 acres.

They enjoy one another and the opportunity of making senior living in the Springfield, Missouri area a blessing to over 400 residents. Great job gentlemen!


Josephine Dowell, R.N. with her late husband, Dr. J. Larry Dowell, M.D.—a specialist in family medicine, moved to Maranatha Village (MV) in 2013.

Josephine was the Director of Nursing at Springfield Hospital back in the 50s.  She graduated from Southwest Missouri State University 70 years ago this year and was featured in an article in the MSU Southwest Standard “70 Years a Bear” in last fall’s Homecoming edition.

L. Jonathan Dowell, Ph.D., visiting from New Mexico, enjoys sharing his hobby of bird photography with his mother, Josephine. Some of Jonathan’s photos taken of birds in MV are featured below. His other bird photos can be viewed at http://www.instagram.com/SnowyEgretPhotography

Jonathan’s favorite photo from MV is this mated pair of Red-Bellied
Woodpeckers calling to one another at the top of a snag
just south of MV lake.

Northern Cardinal—a familiar species also in the Ozarks all year long. 

One of a flock of 150 Cedar Waxwings in a single tree at the side of the road north of MV Community Center.  


Since 2009 caring ladies have been honoring the widows of Maranatha Village with a Widows and Friends’ Tea. Four times a year they invite the widows to come together for a time of celebration. The events take place in February, May, September, and December.

The ladies sing songs together, hear inspirational speakers, and pray together, thanking God for His continuing love for them. The camaraderie of the group is heart-felt as the ladies find new friends with whom to share their lives. 

Lovely setting. Delicious meal. Great fellowship.
Dinner music by Gloria Argue


Sheila Duncan is one happy and grateful Maranatha Village (MV) employee! Sheila has served for ten years cleaning houses, bringing sparkle and cheer into the homes of MV residents.

The MV Auxiliary, through the ministry of the MV Mall, invested $13,000 and presented Sheila with a new utility cart. Honored and equipped, now with a pleasant smile, Sheila rings the doorbell, announcing, “House cleaning!”

Sheila Duncan enjoys serving others!