CHARLES AND SANDY ASKEW lead PRAYER LINE, an intercessory prayer ministry addressing primarily the needs of Maranatha Village residents.

The compassion and breadth of PRAYER LINE are seen in the 2021 stats: 
Distributed 56 prayer requests (24 for residents, 32 for non-residents), 35 death notices (26 of residents, 9 of non-residents) and 4 general service announcements for Maranatha Village residents.

The PRAYER LINE is made up of over 163 individuals, of which the majority were contacted by email. A few residents without an email address were contacted by telephone.

With 91 (56 + 35) prayer requests being distributed to over 163 individuals, there was a potential for nearly 15,000 prayers being offered for the residents, family and friends of Maranatha Village.

What else can we say but PRAISE THE LORD!

You may join this team of intercessors, and receive regular email prayer requests, by contacting Charles at 


Chaplain Shawn and Ruthie Oberg, featuring the Maranatha Village Chapel Choir directed by Rebecca Middleton, presented an anointed presentation of Christmas music Sunday evening. The beautifully decorated Chapel, filled with the sound of beautiful harmony, lifted the spirits of MV residents and visitors in preparation for a week of Christmas Cheer—honoring the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  


Thanksgiving Day brought Maranatha Village neighbors together to express their gratitude to God for His faithful provision throughout 2021. Ron and Gloria Hanson, Maxine Falley, Vivian King, and Carol Hanson shared a meal, feasting on home-cooked food.

The fellowship was encouraging—sharing stories heart-warming—being together giving thanks like family. The celebration was very special!


Maranatha Village residents are HAPPY! God has been so, so good to us! We are counting our blessings—a beautiful season, a caring community, and a gracious God.

We invite you to join us, and “Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name!” (Psalm 100:4). May the good Lord grant you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


A number is called. The move is made. BINGO! A Maranatha Village (MV) resident is a winner. Every Wednesday many MV residents gather at the Community Center to enjoy a little Bingo competition and a lot of good fellowship. Several games are played and the winners earn points. Then, on the first Wednesday of each month, the winners use their points to shop at the Bingo store.

Winning a round of Bingo is a lot of fun—one of the regular activities at MV.


The Maranatha Village Mall is an integral part of Village life. It is a ministry to dispose of many items of clothing and household items left behind by residents who have moved or died. The items are sold and the funds used to purchase medical or specialized equipment for Maranatha Village, and personal assistance for needy residents.

The Mall is operated by a volunteer dream team, and open to the public on Wednesdays. It is a blessing to families working with the transition of loved ones and a help to the greater Springfield community.

Team Leader Roger Perkin


A happy Maranatha Village resident, Sonne Hooper, sits astride his pride and joy—a Honda motorcycle.

Sonne grew up in Wyoming, but spent most of his life in Texas. He studied for the ministry at Rockmont Bible College, then earned an engineering degree at the University of Wyoming. His career was in the space program working on the Apollo missions as flight controller on Skylab. He has also served as a Minister of Music throughout his life.

Sonne has motorcycled since 1948, traveling more than 500,000 miles without an accident. He jointed the Maranatha Village family in 2017. He says, “I greatly appreciate the time spent here. God is good.” The residents are pleased to welcome him, and are proud to have a beautiful motorcycle moving through the Village.