Maranatha Village Retirement Community welcomed their new Librarian, Dr Donald A Johns, with a reception in his honor. He is excited about the opportunity to lead over 300 Independent Living residents into the adventure of exploring the on-campus library.

The Maranatha Village Library, located on the second floor of the Northwood Apartments A-B building, offers any Maranatha Independent Living resident hours of relaxation and enjoyment. The library is open 24×7, and it is easy to check out books from the selection of well over a thousand fiction and nonfiction volumes.

The puzzle room features hundreds of puzzles, ranging in size from three hundred to a thousand pieces—any Independent Living resident can borrow one or use one of the tables in the room. Over three hundred DVDs are also available, and cards for birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions are offered for sale.


Maranatha Village Chaplain Shawn Oberg, and his wife Ruth, graciously opened their home on Christmas Eve to the Village residents. “I’ll be home for Christmas” was virtually possible to all residents regardless of health, financial restraints, or lack of family in the area. The resident’s joy was expressed in a song they sang to the Obergs: “We wish you a merry Christmas.”


Maranatha Village CEO Brian Miller, and his wife, Beth, hosted a lunch for their leadership team. It was an expression of appreciation to the individuals who piece together the infra-structure of Maranatha Village. Their expertise and commitment to the Village’s ministry is a blessing to all Maranatha Village residents.

Certainly, the Lord has guided CEO Miller in putting together an excellent team!

CEO Brian Miller, and his wife, Beth


Maranatha Village workers, numbering 155, are dependable and trustworthy. They each contribute to the well-ordered community, and keep things looking nice. It is evident that their work is more than a job, more than a salary. They truly care about the residents, and give their best to make senior living a pleasant experience.

Maranatha Village leadership, in recognition of the worker’s commitment, honored those having served five, ten, or fifteen years with a gift and increase in salary. Employee Appreciation Day was a big success!


Eight men, residing in Maranatha Village’s full-care facility, enjoyed a special recognition day. Having served in various units of the United States military, they are deserving, worthy to receive:

  • HONOR for defending the freedom of their country,
  • APPRECIATION for preserving a democratic society,
  • LOVING CARE by a Christian community.

Maranatha Village salutes these men of valor!


Good leaders—quality people with proven leadership skills—serve on the Maranatha Village Board of Directors. The Board meets on a regular basis with the Maranatha Village CEO to listen, give guidance, and participate in decisions regarding the ministry of Maranatha Village.

Prayer characterizes the Board’s discussions, and decisions related to the care of over 400 residents on the Maranatha Village campus. Residents moving toward an eternal transition are grateful for good leadership.