5 Spiritual Book Club Ideas for Senior Living Communities

While senior living communities here in Springfield, MO are experiencing colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours, residents can fight the winter blues by connecting with each other indoors. 

Here at Maranatha Village, reading is one of our most popular indoor activities. We have a beautiful library packed with interesting books, and residents love to curl up in their home or apartment with a good book. 

But isolation, especially during the darker winter months, can be risky for seniors. So why not combine the comfort of reading a book with the joy of connecting with others in person? Book clubs can help our residents do just that.

In this blog post, we’ll share 5 spiritual-themed books for book clubs in senior living communities. 

  1. To Heaven and Back by Mary Neal 

On a river in Chile in 1999, Dr. Mary Neal, an orthopedic surgeon was in a kayak accident and drowned. During her drowning, Mary experienced her spirit leaving her body, and ascending to Heaven. While in heaven, she spoke with angels and experienced the love of God. Miraculously, Mary survived and has used her story to inspire others to have faith in God and deepen their relationship with Jesus.  

  1. Find the Good by Heather Lende

An obituary writer in a small town in Alaska, Heather Lende learned through her work to “find the good” in all people, and in tragedy. She believes we can find positive effects from any event if we take the time to notice. Heather shares her habit for positivity through heart-warming stories throughout the book. Residents in senior-living communities can discuss the stories in the book while sharing their own stories about the good that has come from their negative life events. 

  1. The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom

The hiding place is a memoir by Corrie Ten Boom, a Dutch Christian woman who helped hide Jews in Nazi Germany. She was caught and sent to a Nazi death camp, where she survived and was released due to a clerical error. Boom tells the story of how the events in her life unfolded, and how she connected with God’s powerful love for the strength to endure suffering and fulfill her mission. 

  1. The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel 

Lee Strobel was a journalist and a staunch atheist–until his wife had a life-changing event and became a Christian. Strobel then set off to prove her beliefs wrong, by researching the history and evidence for the existence and divinity of Jesus. To his surprise, he found the evidence compelling and converted to Christianity himself. He shares his story and research in this book. The book was also made into a film–so book club members can enjoy reading and discussing the book, and then enjoy the movie together. 

  1. Strength to Love by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Strength to Love is a collection of writings by Dr. King during his civil-rights work. Some of the stories were written while he was in jail, and they all describe his personal philosophy of nonviolence and social justice. Dr. King was a devout Christian, and his work is a story of true discipleship in action. 

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