New Truck! New Trailer! New Tractor! Truly God’s gift to Maranatha Village.

The new equipment will enable the maintenance crew to maintain a standard of excellence across Maranatha Village’s 100-acre campus. Thank God for His wonderful provision!

David Jones and Paul Randolph: Proud of the new wheels.
Good workers and good equipment guarantee good results.


Job said, “I made the widow’s heart sing” (Job 29:13). Maranatha Village (MV) residents, Charles and Sandy Askew, sponsor a bi-monthly Tea


Charles and Sandy Askew, Maranatha Village (MV) residents for nine years, hosted the Meeks Family Reunion at the MV Community Center. Nine


The annual Maranatha Village indoor cookout was a happy experience for residents. The Administration provided the grilled hamburgers and bratwurst and watermelon—the

Offering Seniors Security and a Home

“Dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture” Psalm 37:3

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