Top Ways to Ward off Summer Blues At Maranatha Village

The changing seasons can be challenging for seniors. We understand this at Maranatha Village. The grandkids are doing their summer fun activities, allergens are in the air, and sometimes feeling down happens. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss all of the best ways to fight those summer blues so that you can remain happy and healthy.

Get Active

Often when a person is feeling down it is because their brain is experiencing a lack of endorphins. As the body ages, it can sometimes be hard to get those natural stimulants needed in the mind to feel the everyday spunk. One way to get those natural happy chemicals going is to be active consistently. From taking a walk around the lake to using the exercise room, or playing a game of table tennis, as long as you are moving, your brain is allowed to produce endorphins. This will lift your mood and promote a happier outlook as you move through the rest of your day.

Get Engaged

Maranatha Village is more than a senior living community. It’s a community of mutual support. If you feel a little blue, we have many opportunities to engage with people who are walking through life alongside you. You might not realize it yet. Engage in our arts and craft community, or become a volunteer. If neither suits your interest, you can join our weekly garage sale or come worship with us at church. We’d love to enjoy your company and provide support for you as you move through those summertime blues. 

Take Time To Reflect On The Positive 

The most important part of feeling summertime blues is acknowledging that you feel them but not dwell on them. Everybody feels down. In these moments, taking time to reflect and remember happier moments while also giving yourself grace in this blue moment is what your mind and heart genuinely need. Calling a friend or family member is also an excellent way to communicate that you feel blue. Your loved ones want to support you, and they can engage in remembering all of the wonderful things that make this life beautiful with you. 

Maranatha Village Is Here For You

At Maranatha Village, we offer many opportunities to serve and be a part of a blossoming community full of mutual support. We offer many residential options for seniors to engage with those near them to fight off their summer blues. Some of Maranatha Village’s best features include assisted living with nurses available 24/7, our hair salons for grooming and pampering, and a bountiful nature trail where you are sure to see wildlife like geese, deer, and turkeys. All beautiful ways to promote endorphins and to offer support. To learn more about what we have to offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or call (417)-883-0016.


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