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5 Decor Ideas to Make a Senior Living Apartment Feel Like Home

Moving from a long-term house into a senior living apartment can be a massive transition for seniors. A completely new environment can make them feel a sense of distance or loneliness from the home they’ve become used to over the years. 

But there’s one way to help ease the transition and help seniors feel more welcome and comfortable in their apartment: thoughtful decorating. 

Maranatha Village shares a few decor ideas for making a senior living apartment feel like home in this blog. 

Framed Family Photos

Reasons for moving into a senior living apartment may include the loss of a spouse or a decline in physical ability. Both of these life events can make a senior feel separated and distant from family and the way their life used to be. 

Choosing meaningful family photos and framing them for display in a senior apartment is a great way to feel more connected to loved ones and make the new home feel more familiar and comforting.   

Personalized Art

Just because an older adult is retired doesn’t mean they lose their identity. Placing art and other personalized decor in a senior apartment can help seniors take ownership of their new space. 

Seniors can display work by their favorite artist or even some of their own work if they have a talent for art. 

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants add a splash of green to an apartment, especially if the apartment is painted in a plain or neutral color. As a bonus, plants also add oxygen to and naturally purify the air, increasing air quality.

In a 2009 study, house plants were found to increase the quality of life for residents in retirement communities, giving them a sense of purpose and something to care for.  


It’s difficult for seniors to downsize to an apartment when they are used to a bigger house. Hanging a mirror in the living room or kitchen can help create the illusion of more space while adding a modern, stylish touch. 

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Lighting is essential to any home decorating plan, especially for retired seniors who plan to spend a lot of time in their apartments. 

It’s a great idea to install lamps in a senior apartment that feature multiple brightness settings. This way, when seniors are active during the day, they’ll be surrounded by bright light, and when they’re ready to wind down at night, they can switch to dimmer, softer light. 

Senior Living Apartments at Maranatha Village

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