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Senior Living in Springfield, MO: 4 Signs Maranatha Village is The Perfect Fit

So, you want to find the perfect senior living facility for yourself or a loved one in Springfield, Missouri. But what are some of the signs of a great retirement community, be it for someone looking for assisted care or independent living? 

In today’s blog post, Maranatha Village explains the four signs that our senior living community is the perfect fit. 

Proximity and Location

Maranatha Village is conveniently located near anything you might need. 

  • Shopping centers
  • Grocery stores 
  • Tranquil nature
  • Cox and Mercy Hospital

A convenient location, especially near great hospitals, adds a sense of security and ease to retirement life. 

Not only can you be close to what you need, you can choose from any number of our luxurious layouts for duplexes or homes, all with the right size, features and amenities to suit your taste and lifestyle choices. 

Personalized Care

It isn’t always just the activities and beautiful scenery that make a senior living community special, but the quality of assisted care. At Maranatha Village, we offer highly personalized care for our residents to meet their specific health needs. 

Our compassionate, caring and professional staff of trained medical professionals will see to it that you or your loved one are taken care of and maintain a quality of life. 

If you’re in need of a short-term stay, our short-term rehabilitation services include professional physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy treatments. 

Spiritual Community

Finding a sense of community is critical to having an excellent experience in a retirement community. We make it a priority to give our residents a feeling of belonging, purpose and dignity in aging. 

As a faith-based organization, our retirement community centers itself around Christian values and ethics, giving residents ample opportunities to volunteer, learn and engage with others in the Christian faith.  

A schedule of our services can be found here:

  • Sunday AM: Simultaneous services-Chapel and Assisted Living,
  • Sunday and Wednesday PM Chapel service,
  • Tuesday Bible Study: Community Center,
  • Wednesday Bible Study: Long-Term-Care,
  • Thursday Men’s Bible Study: Community Center,
  • Friday Intercessory Prayer: Community Center.  

Fun Amenities & Senior Activities

Part of what makes us a strong and vibrant senior living community are the activities we offer our residents, from fun community volunteering events to choir and music practices and much more. 

Maranatha Village focuses on keeping the mind and body active. We know that staying fit while aging is critical. That’s why we have a clean and well-run gym facility on our premises, along with an activities room with a pool table, ping pong table and more. 

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Find the “Perfect Fit” Retirement at Maranatha Village

Maranatha Village is a top-rated senior and assisted-living community in Springfield, MO., that also offers short-term care and rehabilitation services. We have a wide-selection of home options to enjoy your retirement. For more information about Maranatha Village, contact us today


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