A Big House

Each resident enjoys the spacious Northwood facility.
Their home is bigger than their one or two-bedroom efficiency apartment—all of Northwood is their home!
The lounge areas, activity center, party room, exercise machines, the library, and a hallway of many friends make it easy to arise in the morning and
face another day!   

assisted living community resident reading book at Maranatha Village
Resident showing her senior living apartment at Maranatha Village

Quick View

10 One-bedroom efficiency
430 Square feet – Rent: $647 
Founder Price: $40,000

34 One-bedroom Deluxe
630 Square feet – Rent:$773
Founder Price: $53,000

16 Two-bedroom/two bath
830 Square feet – Rent:$1,109
Founder Price: $81,000

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