“A Savior has been born” Luke 2:11

Joy bells are ringing in Maranatha Village! Happiness prevails! The Maranatha family is launching this Christmas season with gusto! It is the Savior’s birthday! Decorations are springing up on streets, buildings and houses. Residents are exchanging gifts with their neighbors, such as: homemade candy, nuts, fruit, baked goods and beautiful cards. It is a wonderful time of the year.

Christmas cheer ripples through the Village even during these difficult days. Residents are encouraging one another. Dedicated staff are like family to those who cannot have visitors during the pandemic. Residents have hope for the Savior does not change in a changing world.

Praises ring out across the Village thanking Jesus for coming to earth!

Absolutely Wonderful

Esther Corey (left) and her late husband, Hugh Corey, ministered together for many years, as did Bonnie Wilkerson and her late husband,


Maranatha Village’s registered swans, Kyle and Kaitlyn, have captured the attention and hearts of MV residents. They are beautiful! MV resident, Steve


“My intercessor is my friend…he pleads with God as one pleads for a friend” (Job 16:20-21). CHARLES AND SANDY ASKEW lead PRAYER

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