Benefits of Activities for Convalescing Seniors

According to studies conducted by many health organizations and the United Way, there are an array of benefits for including activity programs for Seniors who are convalescing. The first and most obvious purpose that comes to mind is often the enjoyment value, but there are also emotional, cognitive, and physical benefits to organized activities.

Seniors, especially when they have experienced health setbacks, are often at a higher risk for depression and anxiety than other age groups. Organized activities can help reduce this risk in more than one way. Skill based or creative activities foster a sense of competence, which boosts self esteem, while group actives create bonds among participants, helping stave off feelings of isolation.

Studies consistently show that seniors who keep their minds stimulated are better able to ward off cognitive impairment. Among the best ways to do this are creative activities, such as painting, playing a musical instrument, and playing games that require strategic thinking such as cards or board games.

Recreational activities, even those not fitness-oriented, can help get seniors moving. Even those who have limited physical movement can benefit from engaging in less physically demanding activities like petting a dog, batting a balloon, tapping their toe to lively music.

At Premier Rehabilitation, our Activities Department is dedicated to finding ways to stimulate people while they are engaged in therapies. Dog shows, musical entertainment, bible studies and singing, puzzles are just a few of the activities designed to help those in short-term rehabilitation add a dimension of enjoyment and added benefit during their stay with us.

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