Who’s going to take care of me?

Who will take care of me?
You’re in the hospital (not where you want to be) and your doctor has ordered Skilled Nursing/ Rehabilitation (therapy) to prepare you for returning home (not what you want to do). But you realize that returning home too soon could be an inconvenience to your family, risk a health set back, or make mobility in your home difficult or impossible, so you’re going. But where are you going? Who will take care of you and prepare you to return home?
The Care Manager at the hospital will ask with in the first few hours of admission what your choice for Skilled Nursing/Rehabilitation Facility is. Well, let’s say you’ve done some research and have chosen Premier Rehab at Maranatha Village as the best option for you; here is how the process rolls out.
Generally, the Care Manager will e-mail your medical chart to the Skilled Nursing/Rehab Center of choice and just in case there isn’t a bed available, two others as well that are in network with your insurance company. The Admission Nurse at Premier Rehab reviews your History and Physical report, Diagnosis, Med List, and Progress notes. Based on that information and the authorization from your insurance company, the Admissions Nurse reports back to the Care Manager if you are accepted based on their ability to accommodate your needs and if there is availability. Time is of the essence because very often the Care Manager is under time constraints to free up a bed at the hospital, so they are likely to send you to the first Skilled Nursing Facility/Rehab Center to reply to their inquiry.
Now the Admissions Nurse at Premier Rehab begins preparation for your transfer from the hospital and admission to Premier Rehabilitation. She orders your meds. Arranges for transportation. Selects your PRIVATE room and makes sure it’s set up for you with your name on the door and the reservation in the computer system. She prepares a gift basket and greets you with a warm welcome as you arrive. Within 24 hours the nursing staff and therapy staff have visited you to determine how best to continue your care and help you achieve your goals to return to your home and life at the best level as is possible.
Who will take care of you? Premier Rehabilitation with their 5-star rating and skilled team of professionals will do so gladly. If you have questions or would like a tour of Premier Rehabilitation, please contact us at (417) 833-0016.


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