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What to Do When Severe Weather Hits Maranatha Village

Disaster preparedness in assisted living and independent living communities is highly important. Without effective plans in place, our residents may face dangerous circumstances during extreme weather. Our team of experts here at Maranatha Village will cover what to do when extreme weather hits. 

Get a Kit

Having a disaster kit is going to be the best way to survive an unexpected tornado, or flood if your home is affected. 

Store your disaster kit in a duffle bag or backpack that has wheels on it. Label the bag and anything else you’ll need (wheelchairs, canes, or walkers) with your name, address, and phone number should you become separated from your items.. 

Include enough supplies to last for three days. These items include dried, or canned non-perishable food items, batteries, a first aid kit, and your current daily medications. To see a full checklist, click here, Keep in mind that your kit needs to be updated regularly-a minimum of every 6 months. 

Another thing to remember is that these preparedness kits are for worst-case scenarios.

Make a Plan

Planning ahead, and talking through your plan with family and friends, is highly important when it comes to disaster planning. Create a family communications plan. This includes carrying a family contact card in your wallet in case of emergency, and establishing an out-of-town contact person. Oftentimes after a disaster it is easier to make long distance calls than local ones, especially if power is out.

Talk to resident services at Maranatha Village about what plans we have in place. We will go through and check on each resident in the event of a severe weather diaster, presuming our staff is able to do that. Knowing what we will do in the event of an emergency will help you plan as well. Consider going through an emergency drill once every spring before severe weather hits the Ozarks.

Be Informed

Stay informed of weather alerts in your area. 

Ways to stay connected include:

  • Understanding weather alerts and what they mean.
  • Maintaining an NOAA Weather Radio/All Hazard Radio
  • Contacting the front office of Maranatha Village.
  • Knowing where to take shelter.
  • Weather apps on your phone to know when severe weather is heading your way.

It is so important to make sure you are staying informed on the preventative measures to take to protect yourself from severe weather. 


Maranatha Village’s Disaster Plans

If you are a concerned family member, senior, or family member, and you would like more information on how to create your own disaster preparedness plan, please contact us or call (417)-883-0016. Resident Services is always here for you!


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