Therapy Goals

For many, therapy can be an intimidating part of the recovery process. It doesn’t need to be though. The goal of therapy programs is to get you back to your normal life with less pain, and more mobility. At Premier Rehab, the Haven Rehab team offers therapists specifically trained in our accelerated intensity program. In these programs there’s always a focus on function and your goals for recovery.

One patient that recently came into our program began with a feeding tube and was extremely short of breath. They were unable to do most tasks and needed the full help of staff to move into or out of their wheelchair.

Our team began with an evaluation and exercises that the patient could start with, such as batting a balloon or standing for a couple minutes at a time. By the third week of therapy, our patient could exercise with dumbbells and propel themselves in a wheelchair for short periods.

By the fourth week, they no longer needed a feeding tube and by the fifth week, they were able to start exercising on stairs. By the end of this person’s 6-week program, they were able to walk short distances and recover their normal breathing rhythm within a minute after walking exercise.

This patient was discharged and went home with more of the strength and stamina they needed to get back to their daily life. At Premier Rehab, our focus is always to help our patients reach their goals for stability, endurance, balance, and strength.

If you have questions about our programs, please contact Premier Rehab at 417-833-0016.


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