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Healthy Foods to Eat for Better Memory Retention by Maranatha Village

Did you know that there are foods you can eat to improve your memory retention? Now, this isn’t to say that you can stock up on certain snacks before a final exam to ensure your studying is effective. This is for those who find themselves at the age where the memory may start to decline. Just as there are foods that aid your eyesight or energy levels, there are foods that can help your memory stay strong for longer. 

Maranatha Village explains in today’s blog.

Nutrients for Memory

While foods for the body are high in proteins or vitamins, foods for the mind are high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. These food groups provide the necessary energy for the mind without the need for stimulants like caffeine or sugar. The ideal brain food produces hormones that make an individual feel alert and have more ease focusing. So what foods specifically should we be adding to our grocery cart if we’re looking to support our memory?


First, reach for the beets. Before you scroll on past, listen to the benefits. Beets are stocked full of antioxidants and nitrates, which mean they can not only prevent cancer, but they promote blood flow to the brain. The brain is an organ just like any other, which means it requires oxygen to function. Foods that stimulate blood flow to the brain will improve memory and other brain functions. 


Next, seek out ways to add avocado to your diet. This is where healthy fats come in. Healthy fats, or monounsaturated fats, are what helps keep blood sugar at a healthy level. Avocados are stocked full of folate and vitamin K, which aids in cognitive brain functions such as memory.


While you’re in the vegetable aisle, add broccoli to your cart. Broccoli is high in fiber and Vitamin C, which helps the stomach signal the brain that it’s full. By preventing overeating, the body and mind are able to feel satiated and energetic rather than sluggish and stuffed. 

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Dark Chocolate

Now to take a break from the vegetables, treat yourself with some dark chocolate. Yes, you read that correctly! Dark chocolate has extreme anti-inflammatory properties as well as a high stock of antioxidants. This means that blood flow to the brain is enhanced, which improves memory and overall brain function. 

To be sure you’re getting maximum benefits, opt for chocolates that are made from at least 70% cocoa. While we all have a sweet tooth, it’s important to be selective when choosing your chocolate. Other varieties can have high amounts of refined sugar and highly processed ingredients, which eliminate the benefits you can reap. So next time you’re craving something sweet after dinner, reach for the dark chocolate in good conscience, knowing that you’re benefiting your brain.

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