Finding Peace During an Invisible Storm

Within a matter of days, life as we once knew it, suddenly looks much different. We are amidst an invisible storm that seemingly worsens by the minute. Most of our daily lives are consumed by schedules and routines that give us a sense of purpose and stability. Regardless of the path, our entire world has been disrupted by an intruder known as the Coronavirus, stopping ALL of us in our tracks….
First introduced in China back in the Fall, Coronavirus (COVID-19) has rapidly made its way across the nation leaving devastating impacts. The word “pandemic” is something you hear about, but never imagine living through. As a healthcare provider for nearly 25 years, I personally am feeling overwhelmed, as I attempt to gather my thoughts and rationalize what is happening.
What I used to consider just a “routine day”, has now been filled with fear, disruption and chaos. I am positive most everyone around me is feeling this uncertainty as well. Our entire ecosystem has been changed, quicker than we can comprehend. Jobs, finances, food sources, healthcare, education, socialization and so many other facets of life immediately halted or altered, creating unfathomable amounts of stress, disparity and isolation.
To feel overwhelmed is okay. To not know what to do next, is okay. To be scared, is okay. I encourage everyone to take a moment to be thankful for the positive aspects that do still exist. The ability to be in a warm, safe place with nourishment to your body. The ability to look outside at the beauty of Spring that is quickly approaching. The ability to go outside and breathe fresh air. The ability to stay connected to our loved ones and friends via technology that once did not exist. These things are true blessings during this crisis. I encourage each of you to “be still”, take a deep breath and know that this time shall pass and everything will eventually be okay!
Although we may not understand everything that is occurring, I am hopeful we will grow stronger individually, as well as a nation, and gain a deeper knowledge of the world around us. Whether it is a better comprehension of the disease process and epidemiology, the effects on our healthcare system, manufacturing and production, our economy, politics, media, technology or the educational system, a lesson will be learned from all that is transpiring around the world.
No one is promised tomorrow, but we can certainly make the best of today and all the days we are on this earth. So, breathe, be thankful for what you do have and let go of the things you cannot control at this time. Remember, there is only ONE in charge. Trust in HIM and have peace in knowing he ultimately takes care of all of us!
Prayers, Peace and Blessings to all!

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Maranatha Village residents Roger Perkin and Jean Bass enjoy taking the scenic route through the Village. It is beautiful! “Never lose an

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