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Welcome back to the second Blog post for Premier Rehabilitation on the 100-acre campus of Maranatha Village in Springfield Missouri. This is Gwen Gilmore, Community Relations Director for Maranatha Village and Premier Rehabilitation. Today we are going to continue providing information to help you make an educated decision on your selection of a short-term Rehabilitation facilities.
Everybody uses the “ratings” of a thing to help measure value whether checking out restaurants or choosing a tomato sauce and that applies to Rehabilitation facilities too. This installment will help you find a quality Rehab facility by using information through the Star Rating System of Medicare provided on their website at Through this site you can peruse information about Long Term and Short-term Care facilities and compare them to others in the area. “Nursing Home Compare” provides details on Skilled Nursing Facilities including Short Term Care Facilities such as Maranatha Village/Premier Rehabilitation. When you search for Skilled Nursing Facilities (Nursing Home) you may search by city to get all those listed in the area of choice. The Nursing Home/Rehabilitation Facilities are included in the comparison only if they are certified by Medicare. You will be able to see whether the nursing home is within a Continuing Care Retirement Community such as Maranatha Village.
Short-stay resident quality measures show the average quality of resident care in a facility for those who stayed for 100 days or less or are covered under the Medicare Part A Skilled Nursing Facility benefit. Short-stay residents are those recovering from surgery or being discharged from a hospital stay. Many short-stay residents get nursing care and Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy until they’re able to go back home.
State survey agencies conduct health inspections about once a year on behalf of the federal government Using the federal government’s standards, the inspection team looks at many aspects of life in the nursing home including but not limited to the care of the residents and the processes used to give that care, how the staff and residents interact, and the nursing home environment.
“Nursing Home Compare” features Star rating system that gives each facility a rating between 1 and 5 stars. The Star ratings come from Health Inspections, Staffing and Quality of resident care measures. Since care facilities may vary in the quality of care and services they provide, this rating system provide important ways to measure the quality of each facility.
We are proud of the fact that Maranatha Village/Premier Rehabilitation have achieved a prestigious 5 star rating. Even with this information, it is no substitution for visiting the facility personally. We at Maranatha Village and Premier Rehabilitation extend an open invitation to meet us and look us over.
If you have questions about Premier Rehabilitation, please contact us at 417-833-0016.
Best in Health,
Gwen Gilmore


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