My intercessor is my friend…he pleads with God as one pleads for a friend” (Job 16:20-21).

Sandy and Charles Askew

CHARLES AND SANDY ASKEW lead PRAYER LINE, an intercessory prayer ministry primarily addressing the needs of Maranatha Village residents.

The compassion and breadth of PRAYER LINE are seen in the January-November, 2020 stats: 
Distributed 76 prayer requests (44 for residents, 32 for non-residents), 38 death notices (31 of residents, 7 of non-residents) and 3 general service announcements for Maranatha Village residents.

The PRAYER LINE is made up of 177 individuals, of which 172 were contacted by Email and 5 were contacted by telephone.

With 114 prayer requests being distributed to 177 individuals, there was a potential for over 20,000 prayers being offered for the residents, family and friends of Maranatha Village.

What else can we say but PRAISE THE LORD!


Fresh air! Beautiful flowers! Great friends! The perfect setting for happy chatter and pure joy! Spud and Julie DeMent join their neighbors,


Maranatha Village residents attended their first Town Hall meeting since the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. Smiles and happy chatter created a cheerful

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