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Why a Spiritual Community Is Vital to Aging and Healing by Maranatha Village

It’s no secret that aging can come with a few learning curves. Here at Maranatha Village, we encourage the overall health of our residents. This involves physical, mental, and spiritual health. We find that individuals who care for each aspect of their health have an easier transition to the next stage of life, as well as tend to experience more rapid healing from any illnesses or injuries.

Sense of Fellowship

There are clear ways to exercise the mind and body, but how does one go about growing their spiritual health? We emphasize the importance of community in this aspect. While most residents have had communities of faith throughout their lives, we find it especially helpful in the later years. A spiritual community not only provides fellowship to the individual, but keeps a common focus on a shared goal. 

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Supporting Your Growth

There are several reasons that a spiritual community is more beneficial than any kind of individual practice. One being accountability. We find that when residents engage in religious or spiritual practices in a group, they are more likely to adhere to a routine and maintain their habits. This supports the growth of each individual in their own spiritual journey, which means everyone in the community reaps the benefit. 

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You Are Never Alone

Additionally, it’s been shown in many studies that loneliness can cause more rapid decline of mental and physical health. Our emphasis on spiritual community is more than just an attempt to help individuals garner a stronger connection to their faith. By encouraging community bonding inside Maranatha Village, we find that the overall health of our residents has improved significantly. 

We especially find in cases of healing from illnesses and ailments, individuals with a strong spiritual community supporting them tend to heal more rapidly. Not only do they have emotional support during their healing process, but they have a return to their spiritual community waiting for them when they recover. 

Maranatha Village Is Your Community

This is not new science, as it’s been shown in study after study that having a sense of family or community can significantly improve the health of an individual. We at Maranatha Village are simply here to promote what is in the best interest of those who live here. As we’ve said time and time again, health is all-encompassing. The mind, body, and spirit are all deserving of attention and care.


CHARLES AND SANDY ASKEW lead PRAYER LINE, an intercessory prayer ministry addressing primarily the needs of Maranatha Village residents. The compassion and breadth

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